Why Winter Wiper Blades are the Best Choice for Colder Weather

The wiper blades that kept your field of vision clear in the summer may not be up to the task as the cold weather arrives. Not only are those older blades not strong enough, but they will also fail if the temperatures drop too low.

The winter wiper blades are made to protect the flexing framework from ice or snow. Encased in a rubber sleeve, nothing can interfere with how the blades will keep your field of vision clear. Winter blades won't rip or tear as the temperatures drop to freezing. The winter wipers have been designed to be able to move heavy loads of snow without any trouble. The same can not be said for your older wiper blades that will bend from that added weight and no longer clear the windshield correctly.

Come to Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat of Helena so our team can install a brand new set of blades on your car this winter!

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