Do You Regularly Check Your Car Fluids?

Performing routine fluid checks is one of the most crucial ways of maintaining the health of your car, SUV or pickup truck. At Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Helena, we advise you to examine all of your car fluids, ranging from everything to the transmission fluid to the windshield wiper fluid, at least on a monthly basis. Following is some key information to know regarding your transmission fluid, along with a list of the fluids you ought to have checked here at our service department!

Towing heavy loads and driving in heavy traffic are two important factors that could contribute to the deterioration of your transmission system and associated components. The transmission fluid is so significant because it lubricates all of the moving parts and facilitates gear shifts. You can visit us to check the level and condition of the transmission fluid that keeps everything running smooth. You will know that the liquid needs replacement if it turns dark brown or has a burned odor. In addition to transmission fluid, you must keep an eye on the following as well.

  • Engine oil
  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant
  • Power steering fluid

For any assistance pertaining fluids replacement, be sure to contact us at Lithia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT of Helena. We promise you that your car will perform better and last longer when you do so!

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