The Artistry of the Dodge Durango's Exterior

Many pieces on a vehicle's exterior have a functional purpose. You need your headlights to illuminate the road when it's dark outside, and you need taillights so that other people can see you when you're braking. But part of the artistry of a vehicle is making vehicles that are beautiful and functional. The Dodge Durango adds to the beauty of the exterior with several features.

The LED racetrack taillamp is highly functional because LED lights need to be changed less often than standard light bulbs. But they're also beautifully bright, making it easier for other cars to see you. And the racetrack design adds a sporty touch.

The projector fog lamps on the front of the vehicle are also a nice touch. They come standard on the Dodge Durango, and they cut through moisture in the air so that you can see. And since they're nestled just beneath the regular headlamps, they work seamlessly into the aesthetics of the vehicle.

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