The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Includes Some of the Best Capability Features on the Market

Capability features can be immensely valuable in a pinch. The ability to alter suspension, get access to crucial backend statistics, and customize 4x4 systems on the fly can have an enormous impact on the driving experience. As such, Jeep has gone out of their way to include a ton of these features with the latest iteration of the Grand Cherokee.

First, this year's iteration features both versions of the Jeep's highly rated Quadra-Tac technology. Quadra-Tac I allows drivers to automate nearly all essential functions, a benefit that makes enjoying the view while driving through difficult roads a much more reasonable prospect.

Quadra-Tac II allows the driver to customize how much torque is applied to the year of their vehicle, a function that can make getting out of tight situations far easier. It's also extremely useful when packing heavy loads.

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