Driving more intelligently is something that can always be improved on. Sometimes it depends on the driver, and other times it depends on the vehicle. The ideal choice when searching for advanced chassis technology is The Chrysler 300. This beast of a car is a full-size luxury sedan that makes navigating the road a breeze and helps to keep driving decisions smart by integrating your cellular device directly to the Uconnect touchscreen entertainment system.

Use voice commands to carry out an endless number of functions, and quickly tap the Uconnect touchscreen to find what you are looking for whether it's music, podcasts, or the right direction in which to drive. And at an affordable price, the Chrysler 300 will be easy to choose over some of the drastically overpriced vehicles in its class. The 300 even has a built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot to keep all passengers in the loop.

Make a deeper connection to the road and hop inside the new Chrysler 300.

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