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Jim Roy's Reaction to Ram's Reliability

Have you ever tried a brand and liked it so much that you wanted to share it with the entire world? That might be why Jim Roy is eager to share how reliable his Ram 2500 truck is.
Jim Roy is a proud member of the Ram family. Do you want an invitation?
How many automakers can claim to be the home to some of America's longest-lasting trucks?
Only one -- Ram.
For those American-built trucks on the road after 22 years, the majority of them just so happen to be Rams. Jim Roy just purchased a 2015 Ram 2500…
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From the Chief to the Desert Hawk, the Safari descends in Moab

The harsh environment and difficult in Moab, UT is known throughout the automotive industry as the terrain to test out your hardiest vehicles. Gaping cracks, harsh jutting rocks and steep descents challenge even the most technologically advanced systems and seasoned drivers, so it is here that the 49th Annual Easter Jeep Safari is embarking.

This year, seven concepts are taking on the terrain, each with its own twist on a classic Jeep model or a…

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Bush the Snow Off this Spring

Spring is an itch we can't scratch, and we are ready for it to come as soon as possible here at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Helena! This winter was a rough one, and your car took the brunt of it this year. Show your car some love this spring, and get it back to 100% Check out the video below for some car care tips!

Other tips include checking your brake system after your car has driven through ice and snow, the fluid levels, tire pressure, and your batteries, plugs, and wires. Your car will thank you for…

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Renegade Weaves its Own Legend

Since its announcement, the all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade has been causing quite a stir. As the newest member of the Jeep lineup, it has expectations to live up to, and because of its compact nature many skeptics have questioned its capability. But as you'll see in the following video the Renegade is more than capable of following in its siblings tire tracks and conquering whatever terrain lay ahead. The series is called Tales of…

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